New user - can unraid VM segregate drives from windows?

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I'm looking at setting up unraid with a VM windows (or vice versa) but have a question about drive access/visibility.

I'm currently running a Windows 10 NAS + IP Camera Home Security system(VMS) on the same computer.   Everything works fine but the issue I am having is that the security system software is constantly writing to the main (OS) drive, which keeps the rest of the 3 internal NAS drives from sleeping.  Windows will sleep the drives after inactivity but not individually, and because the main drive is always active all the drives are kept awake and will not sleep.


I thought unraid and a VM might be the solution but I would need to make the NAS drives offline for windows so it can't keep them awake(easy enough to do), but then have then online for the unraid OS.


(intel i5 - 7400, 8 gb RAM,  256 GB SSD OS drive, 3 x 8tb NAS storage)


 it would look like this:   


windows OS

c drive - running security software in background all the time


unraid os

running NAS off USB (i assume from what i've read)

d drive  -  NAS, sleep when not in use

e drive  -  NAS, sleep when not in use 

f drive  -  NAS,  sleep when not in use



is this possible?

would the NAS drives sleep with windows VM running in the background? or an unraid VM running on windows in the background?


Thank you in advance for any advice or thoughts on the issue.



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