User Script: Delete Files older than x Days and Empty Folder

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Just want to share this User Script to delete Files and Folders older than 64 Days (change my_days).


I use it to delete old Surveillance Footage my IP-Cameras are transferring via FTP to my UNRAID Server.



#name=Delete old surveillance recordings
#description=Delete files older than x days and empty folders

# Days to keep
# Folder to clean

# Check if directory exist and quit if not
if [ ! -d "$my_dir" ]; then
    echo ERROR: $my_dir does not exist
    exit 2

# Delete files older than x days
find $my_dir/garten/* -type f -maxdepth 9999 -mtime +$my_days -delete
# Delete empty folders
find $my_dir/garten/* -type d -empty -delete

find $my_dir/garten2/* -type f -maxdepth 9999 -mtime +$my_days -delete
find $my_dir/garten2/* -type d -empty -delete

find $my_dir/haustuer/* -type f -maxdepth 9999 -mtime +$my_days -delete
find $my_dir/haustuer/* -type d -empty -delete

echo Total Files: $(find $my_dir -type f | wc -l)
echo Total Size:  $(du -hs $my_dir | awk '{ print $1; }')

exit 0


EDIT: find Documentation

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