File buffering the same time every night

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if I'm watching anything at around 3AM it'll buffer, and the server will become inaccessible for some minutes. This sometimes only happens once, but can happen multiple times.


Is there some maintenance going on at hours the server thinks no one will be active, and how to change that time?


Or is there another cause?

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Hard to tell without knowing your setup. Maybe post diagnostics so someone can see 

When you say inaccessible, is unraid itself inaccessible or a specific app you are trying to use? 

If I had to purely guess, and if it's latter, see if you have any config or appdata backup tasks, because they might need to stop docker / VM service to work

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Its the server itself that becomes accessible, and it only lasts a few minutes, (and fixes itself without any action from me) and that's what causes the buffering not the other way around.

The server is a very low power CPU (old HP microserver with Turion CPU), but I've been running it for about a year and this problem only appeared in the last few month or two.


I have the diagnostics zip, what should I upload? It contans a lot of files.


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On 2/19/2023 at 5:41 PM, kizer said:

Well things I'd wonder about. 

What time of day is your mover set to run?

Are you using Plex and have the daily schedule set for that time period?

I'm not using Plex. I don't know what time mover is set to run. How do I find that out and change it if necessary?


Edit: It looks like Mover is specifically for systems with a cache drive. I'm not using a cache drive. Will that cause issues?

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