Parity drive errors and drive disabled during parity check

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Version: 6.11.0


Sometime after my normally scheduled parity check began on 3/7 my first parity drive (sdb) reported some read errors and was disabled by unraid. The parity check completed without any errors. I'm hoping for some help in determining if the drive is still ok. It's a 14TB WD elements drive that I shucked and less than 1.5 years old. In the meantime I do have another 14TB drive unassigned (sdc). 


Should I rebuild parity on the same drive or flip with the other drive? What's the proper way to do so? And either way, is that drive which is reporting errors still ok? I just completed an extended SMART test on the drive in question. Diagnostics attached

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1 hour ago, JorgeB said:

It's not logged as a disk problem and SMART looks OK, check/replace cables to rule that out and re-sync parity.

Thank you for the reply. Forgive my ignorance here - can I re-seat the cables while the server is running? Or is the proper procedure to shut down, re-seat, and start the server back up? Also, how do I re-sync parity? Do I need to stop and start the array?

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Thanks again. I reseated the cables and the parity-sync is going well with 16 hours or so to go. 


The majority of my hard drives are connected via LSI HBA card in IT mode with SAS to SATA cables. Do these go bad often/frequently, and would it be a good idea to have a backup set of cables?



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