Drives not showing in UNRAID - HP DL380 GEN9, HP B6200 Backup Storage & PERC H200e

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HI All,


New to Unraid and new to servers so apologies if I miss anything in this post.


I have the setup in title.  I have installed the latest version of UNRAID on USB key and everything runs a point.


I have 2x 148GB SAS and x2 1.8TB SAS drives in my HP DL380 Gen9 server.  In the backup storage I have 4x4TB SAS drives and soon a 1TB SSD cache drive connected to the server via a PERC H200e HBA (flashed to IT mode).  The card is enabled in the BIOS, the card is seen in UNRAID "System Information" and so are the 4x4TB drives.


Problem I have is I don't have the option to mount any of these drives into my array.  All I see in the dropdown is the 4 SAS drives I have installed in the server itself.




Any help would be much appreciated.  I'm pulling my hair out here!





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HI Both,  thank you I've learned something new already.  So reading the other guys post you linked to I have to unmask the drives using the HP ssacli and using this command to clear previous configs "ssacli controller slot=3 physicaldrive 2I:1:1 modify clearconfigdata"



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I have tried every programe under the sun to format these 4 undetected drives and everytime I try format them I get an error regarding i/o.  Can I format them within the UNRAID console as that is the only place I can see them?  Logical block size:   520 bytes still as before.

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I'ce actually found a post you commented on a long time ago.

I'm running this command just now on one of the drives but it's painfully slow.

sg_format -v --format --size=512 /dev/sdb

1 hour ago, JorgeB said:

Did you format the drives to 512B sector size?


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I'm also running this in UNRAID console.  WIll this work?

21 hours ago, Stuart Greig said:

I tried the solution in the link you suggested but I think because its a non HP card the system cant see it.  I still only had the option for the SAS drives in the server.



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