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Hey everyone, I backed this project on Kickstarter, I was just wondering what you would think would be the best setup under UNRAID.

The specs say it can hold a total of 6 NVMEs (2 onboard, 4 on top of the case) It can also hold 5x SATA drives.

It also has 4x 2.5Gbps Ports. The suggested setup on Truenas is an NVMEx4 (raid 0) and a backup on the Mechanical hard drives.


How would this be best on UNRAID? Would I setup the NVMEs as The Array and the mechanical drives as the parity?

or is it best to keep hard drives as the Array and do an NVME Cache pool? How is speed impacted?

I was thinking about doing this with an ODROID H3+ since it has similar CPU and I was going to get an NVME to SATA converter (to run SATA SSDs) and 2 mechanical drives.



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4 hours ago, barajas.uriel said:

or is it best to keep hard drives as the Array and do an NVME Cache pool? How is speed impacted?

TRIM in the array is not supported, at least for now.

HDDs in the array and NVMe's in cache pools is the recommended setup.


btw the linked Storaxa project presentation doesn't look all that.... convincing.


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I found out about this a week ago and it looks like it's perfect for my use case.

My question: that's a lot of I/O for a cpu (n6005) with only 8 pci-e 3.0 lanes, is it not? (haven't looked at the motherboard yet)

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On 3/11/2023 at 9:16 AM, Aran said:

I found out about this a week ago and it looks like it's perfect for my use case.

My question: that's a lot of I/O for a cpu (n6005) with only 8 pci-e 3.0 lanes, is it not? (haven't looked at the motherboard yet)


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13 hours ago, mathomas3 said:

ok... if you want to go small... there is a thermaltake case the 304? that houses 8hdds that could be built for around the same cost as this... I have that case now

Did you mean the Fractal Node 304?

Yes, It's a very good, mini-ITX, NAS oriented case.

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On 3/16/2023 at 3:52 PM, JonathanM said:

Smart money would reserve judgement until there are actually products in the general public...

Assuming that the project comes through...


Will they release and ship in quantity to cover all backers?

Will the final product perform as promised and not become a hot mess of mismatched components (literally and figuratively)?

Will the small case have dismal airflow leading to cooking HDDs among all other components?

Will there be any after-sale RMA support with an established and followed on warranty process?


There are still no definitive answers at this point.

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On 3/16/2023 at 11:47 AM, Aran said:

There is an update on the linked youtube channel from the second post. It looks like it may be legit after all.

There are at least two updates to the initial video with more to come.

As @JonathanM has mentioned, it remains to be seen how legit the whole project is.

The youtuber (NASCompares) roots for the project and wants it to succeed but to his credit isn't hyping it without a disclaimer and at least is managing to issue a few warnings here and there of the risks involved.

He also seems to be super impressed with quality of communication coming out of Storaxa. (???)

I don't know why he finds timely, generic responses to trivial questions so impressive when the project has still nothing to show for other than marketing demonstrations.

Even worse they keep adding more and more options to the available configurations.

It's becoming a hot mess.

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Yes, the added configurations is one of the most shady points.

The mobo started by being a small customization of an existing product which is credible, even though the price seemed unsustainable... But now they'd somehow be able to redesign an entire board based on AMD just as a stretch goal? That's a bigger project in itself than the whole original thing... 

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Some of the listed add-on prices:






According to Storaxa, all HDDs are retail with international warranty!

They really tempt the backers to throw even more money into the project by offering incredible discounts for add-ons.

I suspect more options to become available with similarly good prices.

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One of the issues with this style of selling is the lack of concrete delivery dates. They hope they can just stall the shipments until the prices people paid become normal market prices because tech tends to get cheaper as newer higher capacity items come on the market.


I see this as the best case scenario, where you do actually receive the products eventually, but by the time they ship, you could purchase them on the open market for cheaper.


Worst case, they are outright frauds, and intend to close up shop shortly after shipping enough units to satisfy the influencers that were gullible enough to hype them. The kickstarter model has so little accountability, any money you send now before products are available for resale on the open market should be considered gifts to the campaign, and you just hope that they are good people that are honest enough to not skidaddle with millions of free dollars.


This particular campaign has just the right mix of authenticity to bring in huge amounts of cash, I hope they really do have the knowledge and honesty to deliver, but it doesn't smell that way right now.

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