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Hi everyone,


I bought recently a new drive with 8TB to use as parity (until now, my unraid server had no parity)

Well, I mounted it, and started the parity sync.


The speed of parity sync is, in my opinion, really bad, around 35MB/Sec, which will take days to finish.


I've read some posts and did some changes (disabled VM manager and docker, and assure that cache write was turned on).


Now, when I start the parity sync, it goes fine (around 170MB/Sec) until aprox. 8%.

At this moment, the speed drops to 35MB/Sec.


I've identified that at the beginning, the disks are rarely written.

When the speed drops, the disk 2 (sdd) is written almost every second.


You can find attached the diagnostics, and a print screen of my array.


Anyone can give me some hints on how to speed up things?


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Thank you JorgeB.

I will try to return this disk and replace it by a Toshiba N300 also with 8TB (Serial No. HDWG480UZSVA).

I think that this one is CMR.


Once I receive the disk and test it, I will update the thread!

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