Unraid 6.12 RC suddenly not booting anymore!


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Hey guys,


yesterday I upgraded to 6.12 RC and after that I did some changes to my array changing physical disks, creating pools (xfs, btrfs).. After being mostly succesful (only thing I could not achieve was creating a pool of 2 btrfs disks, always said unmountable, maybe I did sum wrong..) I played a few minutes with the Gaming VM and then shutdown the server.


Today I powered on and wondered why I had no web access.. on the server screen there are lots of usb disconnect, different usb buses deregistered..


Pulled the stick and plugged it onto my laptop but I cannot find a log, where should I search for it?


Am I right that when all these usb buses get deregistered boot also stops cause the boot stick is also connected to usb?


Whole night of work and now this :'(

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Can you tell me how to switch to my second NIC via network.cfg? I tried to boot with GUI but it doesn't show up.. As mentioned eth0 is not found anymore..


# Generated settings:

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Server runs again after clearing "vfio-pci.cfg" so I guess IOMMU groups changed! But why?


VM Tab is empty cannot see VMs or create one, Docker seems to work..



IOMMU fixed, PCIe ACS override was off, no idea why.. But still nothing on VM Tab..




Network config fixed (was set to bonding with both adapters, changed eth0 and eth1, set bridging and bind eth1 to vfio like it was before)..
Still nothing on VM Tab..


Whole log, but is this really the problem? The disk is not present anymore..


2023-03-18 18:17:11.442+0000: 7148: info : libvirt version: 8.7.0
2023-03-18 18:17:11.442+0000: 7148: info : hostname: Tower
2023-03-18 18:17:11.455+0000: 7147: error : virQEMUFileOpenAs:11390 : Failed to open file '/mnt/disks/2018282F514B/squid.img': No such file or directory

Okay just saw one VM on the dashboard, corrected the system img path and fired it up and it booted successfully! But why is the VM Tab still empty and where are my other VMs?


(Last?) Update:


RC2 comes for rescue regarding my last problem (hopefully)..

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