Read Errors on good disk during disk replacement

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So I did a shut down, checked the connection drive 8 and reseated.  The web GUI no longer comes up and I am getting the following error on the console:  /etc/rc.d/rc.local: line 110: /var/tmp/go: cannot execute binary file: exec format error


I searched for this error, but to no avail.   Any help would be appreciated

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1 minute ago, Kirkbuilder said:

Here is the go file.  I don't see anything in it.

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That file is definitely corrupt.    You can get the default one from a zip download of the relevant Unraid release.      However the fact it is corrupt in the first place makes me wonder about other files on the flash drive and whether the flash drive is having problems.    Do you have a recent backup of your flash drive?

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3 minutes ago, Kirkbuilder said:

So I was able to download the flash backup and install it to a new usb drive and get into the web UI.  It asked me to set the root password and the array is currently stopped.  Is there anything else I should do to retain my configuration or am I good to go?

I think that is all but I could be wrong.    If you have any passwords specified elsewhere then they would also need setting again as the backup process deliberately does not store passwords.

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