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16 hours ago, Squid said:

What you've done is allowed the OS to use everything BUT 0,16 and 1,17  If you want it to only use those cores, you isolate everything else.

Updated my isolation and now I'm getting an error from FCP.






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You're getting an error / warning because you've pinned docker containers to cores isolated from the OS, which means that say jellyfin will actually only run on core 2 instead of all of the ones you've pinned it to.


If you're trying to do docker pinning, then you don't want any of the cores isolated from the OS.  Generally you only use isolation to have a VM have exclusive access to those cores and nothing else, including containers.


You have to remember that docker is part of the OS and if you isolate cores from the OS then the containers have no access to them.  You technically can do it, but because the OS doesn't have access the container effectively only runs on the lowest numbered core you've pinned it to and nothing else.

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