v6.11.5 Out Of memory Errors caught by 'common problems' error itself was silent

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Hi All,


I logged into my GUI today for a regular chaeck and update of things, and found that Fix Common Problems had a red alert for me. Specificaly "Out Of Memory errors detected on your server" (along with some read errors and macvlan calls).

Now nothing seems to have failed from what i can tell, but in looking through the forum docs for this error, it says it realy should not happen on a healthy server and to raise a post here. So that is just what i am doing.

Diagnostics Zip is attached.


Am i right to be concerned? Where should i begin my hunt for the cause of the error?


Many thanks!


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You had a notification happen, and there wasn't enough memory for it, so the  kernel killed off part of the system for your VM.  Whether you noticed any issue or not (or if it introduced stability issues) is hard to say


How much memory are you allocating to the VMs?  

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8 hours ago, Squid said:

How much memory are you allocating to the VMs?  

8GB (8192M acording to the VM tab) to the VM out of 16GB in the server.

The VM is still up without issue. The error has never occured before in about 2 years of running this general config. The only recent changes are updates to plugins and containers.

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