Share log references non existent pool cache

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Fix Common Problems Identifies this issue:


Share log references non existent pool cache. If you have renamed a pool this will have to be adjusted in the share's settings

Clicking Share Settings results in:  ! Share 'log' has been deleted.


I can see directories : /media/user[0]/log both exist.

SyslogSettings set to share named "logs", working as expected.


Attempts to resolve:

  1. SyslogSettings set to share "log", does not appear as an option
  2. Add share named "log" results (as expected):  Invalid share name. Do not use reserved names


Idea I thought to try, seems like an awful idea:

rm -f /media/user?/log


Thinking "maybe" caused somewhere around here:


  1. SyslogSettings reference  "log"
  2. "log" pointed to pool cache named "


  3. deleted pool "cache"
  4. created new pool "nvme"
  5. created new share "logs"
  6. repointed  SyslogSettings to share:"logs" pool:"nvme" 

And if I had to guess it was in step #2.

I recall a page listing some reserved words, like UNRAID, but can't locate the url.



Currently, I ignore the finding.


Any other way to resolve?



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10 hours ago, schreibman said:

is there a list of reserved words?

Can potentially vary from OS ver to OS ver


Under 6.12-rc2.5 it is currently



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