Weird Docker/App/UI Behavior

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Hi all, 


I am experiencing some weird docker behavior. When I update all, I get stuck in loop that doesn't resolve unless I reboot the page. Also, when I load the App tab it stalls for about a minute and my browser forces me to refresh the screen. I've also recently been getting the app page displayed in upside down while this is happening. Any help is greatly appreciated. Please let me know if I can provide any more details to help troubleshoot this issue.


Thank you

domain.cfg flash.cfg cache_nvme.cfg vms_nvme.cfg docker.cfg rsyslog.conf vfio-pci-old2.cfg super.dat rsyslog.cfg ident.cfg share.cfg vfio-pci-old.cfg network.cfg go.txt disk.cfg vfio-pci.cfg smart-one.cfg pny_USB_2.0_FD_0060E04DEF39AC9182CF0C03-0-0-20230402-0054 flash (sda).txt eui.0025385301405020-20230402-0054 cache_nvme (nvme1).txt Samsung_980_PRO_with_Heatsink_2TB_S6WRNS0RB23813J-20230402-0054 vms_nvme (nvme0).txt eui.002538bb1142d95b-20230402-0054 vms_nvme (nvme0).txt WDC_WD140EDFZ-11A0VA0_9LG76RKA-20230402-0054 disk1 (sdc).txt WDC_WD140EDGZ-11B1PA0_9LJTJKWG-20230402-0054 disk2 (sdd).txt Samsung_SSD_970_EVO_Plus_500GB_S58SNJ0N311921W-20230402-0054 cache_nvme (nvme1).txt WDC_WD140EDFZ-11A0VA0_9MG7R7NJ-20230402-0054 parity (sdb).txt Windows 10.xml cmdline.txt btrfs-usage.txt nvidia-smi.txt drm.txt unraid-api.txt plugins.txt motherboard.txt iommu_groups.txt ethtool.txt folders.txt lsmod.txt lsscsi.txt thirdparty_packages.txt loads.txt memory.txt lspci.txt meminfo.txt lsusb.txt urls.txt top.txt ps.txt vars.txt lscpu.txt lsof.txt df.txt ifconfig.txt dhcplog.txt libvirt.txt docker.txt vfio-pci.txt syslog.txt Windows 10.txt unraid-6.11.5.txt appdata.cfg s-------g.cfg domains.cfg w-----------2.cfg t----------2.cfg b-----s.cfg d-------i.cfg isos.cfg p-----s.cfg c--e.cfg p-------s.cfg h-----t.cfg d-------y.cfg l------e.cfg t---------e.cfg system.cfg w----------k.cfg b---s.cfg s-----s.cfg d--a.cfg shareDisks.txt d-------s.cfg t---s.cfg s------d.cfg e--y.cfg n-------d.cfg t-------e.cfg t--p.cfg l--s.cfg t-----r.cfg

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10 hours ago, Squid said:

Not an issue


What happens if you boot in safe mode?

Hi, I was waiting for parity check to complete. I just rebooted in safe mode and I am being prompted to install community applications when I navigate to my App tab. All other dockers are running normally. Does this mean my installation is corrupted in some way?

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When the app tab freezes I get the following prompt from safari:


"This webpage and one other page are not responding, so loading cannot be stopped. Do you want to force reload this page and "/usr/local/emhttp/webGui/scripts/run_cmd tail -f -n 90 /var/log/syslog (Tower):?"

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  • 2 weeks later...

Best guess would be is this a rather crippled Mac?  (ie: very slow /  very little memory)?



FWIW, via VMs / Tablets / Phones I have never been able to replicate any safari issue, and by and large the vast majority of Safari users have absolutely no problems, and since FF / Chrome will fix the problems its definitely something with the setup of the browser.


That all being said, I just ordered an iMac for the specific purpose of seeing if I can't replicate this issue on actual hardware.

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It’s a less than year old M1 mac mini. It’s the fastest machine I own other than maybe my server.


Its strange because this just started pretty randomly, everything worked fine on the same machine using the same browser for like 10+ months.


Maybe Apple changed something behind the scenes with tab groups or something else.


Anywho, I appreciate your response. Lmk if there’s any way I can help and enjoy your iMac!

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