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Today I backup my data with several apps:

- ca backup for flash, appdata

- borg for nextcloud aio 

- luckybackup for several user shares

-vmbackup for vm


all these backup are written to user share (on the unraid array) then with luckybackup they are transfered to an unassagined   usb drive

The size of the backups fits on the drive.


Now i plan to upgrade array and i will use actual parity drives as archive drives. 

The goal is to keep a copy of media files on the archive drives. I plan to update these drives from time to time (2 or 3 times a year, no need to do it more often). Today media files are not backed up.

The problem is media files size is 3 times the archive drives size. 

How can i do to backup media files to archive drives and update them with new content 3 or 4 months later ?

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You will need backup storage space as large (really larger) than the space that the media files take.  Media (as I assume movie/TV video and audio files) does not compress (zip, tar, rar) as it is already compressed as part of the encoding process.

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Of course you can.  No different than backing up any other files.  A bit of a hassle if you are trying to have several UD external USB drives as the backup destination, as you need figure how to split up your data set among several drives.  Or you could create a pool in Unraid, and put a backup share there.


I recently took some old hardware I had on hand, and built a second Unraid server just to back up the media files on my main Unraid server.  Several people tossed some good ideas into this thread:  


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I read the mentionned topic. Many useful stuff here.

For now i'm upgrading my array. 4 preclear done, rebuild of first parity disk is running, waiting to upgrade 2nd parity and 2 array disks.

As i have more archive than backups i wonder if i wouldn't go for a lto streamer and keep 1 or 2 spinners for backups.

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