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x device over cat 6 hdmi,vga ect


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I am mainly looking for hdmi but may need vga down the line. What I want to do is stick my unraid(s) htpc(s) in a rack in a closet/stairs, or some ther room away from my home theatre. In order to get from the htpc to the receiver I have a fairly long run 50-75 feet. I am currently using a monoprice device that works but it is hdmi 1.2 I need 1.3 or better, my receiver is 3d ready my htpc is as well and when I do get a new tv it will also be 3d and the old one will be in my bedroom.


there is one more things I should add my receiver will also be in this closet and will go from there to my speakers using 12awg + wire, still have to figure out the sub.So it needs IR as well. $ wise nothing cheap but also nothing that would cost my first born to pay for.

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