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Am I Out of Luck With Accessing My Server? (Lost Remote Access While Away)

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Hi Folks,


In a bit of a situation. I set up my Unraid server to be accessed remotely through Tailscales while I am away for a couple of months this summer. Everything has been perfect for the past month and a half while streaming my media.


I accidentally turned off docker 🙃 when trying to restart it. I am honestly not sure why I even did that....total brain fart. This then caused my Tailscale to turn off amongst other containers and I lost remote access.


I have someone who can go into my home and turn off the server and turn it back on (they're are not the most technically inclined but I'm pretty sure power button pressed for 1sec will initiate graceful shutdown). Since I have auto-start for the array and for most of my containers (including Tailscale) I should be good right?


Even though I manually turned off docker, will Docker turn back on if restart the server? or am I out of luck for the rest of my trip?


One more thing I will mention is that I can see the server online in Unraid Connect and I have VM that I can remotely access through Teamsviewer, but I am not sure if I can turn it on through the Unraid Connect. The VM is currently turned off, so not sure if I can do anything with that.

This is definitely a learning lesson and I will be implementing a redundant remote access in the future.


Thank you!

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19 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

Depends on if it was set to auto-start.

I don‘t recall explicitly turning on auto-start for docker but I have restarted the server before and everything turned on automatically.


I just never explicitly turned off docker and restarted the server. 

I wanted to see if anyone else was familiar with this specific use case of docker being off and restarting the server to turn it on before I have my buddy take the time do to this for me. 

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31 minutes ago, JorgeB said:

Depends on if it was set to auto-start.

Also, in case I wasn’t clear and am confusing folks. I don’t mean the container being stopped. I know for a fact the container is set to auto-start.


I went to Settings > Docker > Set the first option to turn off docker. 

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1 minute ago, JorgeB said:

OK, you disabled the docker service, in that case it will remain disabled, unless you can get someone to login locally locally or edit the docker.cfg on the flash drive and re-enable it.

Yes, apologies. The docker service was turned off.


Thank you for verifying!


Maybe it's a sign I stop binging watching shows and fiddling with server and start focusing on my studies lol. 

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10 minutes ago, bonienl said:

Not really an answer to your question, but the built-in wireguard functionality of Unraid is there to prevent these kind of “accidents”.

It allows the user to start/stop docker or even array while communication persists.


This is really helpful still. Is there documentation for this I can look into, so when I get back home I can implement it?

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14 minutes ago, trurl said:

Also Unraid Connect (formerly My Servers) allows you to remotely manage your server.

Yeah, I could've sworn I had this setup but I must've turned it off since I had Tailscale. My Unraid Connect only shows me LAN connections unfortunately.

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