Is it usual for 'Unraid-API' to use over 10GB of Virt memory?

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Yup same here.....I'd observed a few changes tbh since updating to the last 2 stable releases.


- My idle cpu stats are much more chaotic than they have been on older unraid versions. (I usually idle between 8%-16% cpu now i idle anywhere between 15-50%  which has tripled to what it would usually be a few versions back.

- After boot my CPU sits at 100% on all cores for around 5 minutes before settling down which is strange behaviour seems to be when loading docker. Didnt do this on previous unraid versions.

- Unraid-API seems to always be one of my biggest mem hogs which i hadn't really noticed going back a few versions but it's quite considerable. I've just rebooted the server and unraid-api is straight back up to 10.9g from a cold boot. Maybe the memory handling has changed in a recent version and what im seeing is normal, but with the process being called 'Unraid-API' it dosn't feel like it should be so high. However i have i'm unaware of what this process is doing.


 I was hoping to not have to go through the painstaking process of inspecting every container and plugin and thought i'd post to see if anyone was experiencing similar...


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Reserved usage is not the actual program usage. See the 0.7% mem on the graph above. Reserved just means that linux has set aside some amount of memory that the program "could" use, but is not using right now. That being said, I will look into the cause of the high reservation, my guess is that it is due to the fact that the API talks to many underlying layers and those bindings may just tell linux that they need a lot of memory, even though the program is not using that much. 

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