Why do I NOT have issues with macvlan on docker ?

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I keep hearing about kernel panics and issues with docker on macvlan.  My system is stable as anything.

I am not an expert.  From research ipvlan means shared mac and different ip address.

My entire system has been designed around the settings Custom br0 --LAN and therefore macvlan. 

I like how my USG router knows who is who - I dont use dhcp - all hardcoded at docker container creation.  I dont want it to flip around as macs are shared with ipvlan.

Im on 6.11.5.

Will I be forced to change ?  I always worry about upgrades - I went direct to 6.11.5, so by rights, I will wait until 6.12.5 before I jump.  

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Agree, another Unraid user here and I like being able to see each docker individually on reserved IPs.  A quick trial with IPvlan had the Unraid console completely confused and close to unusable for Docker listing.

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15 minutes ago, vw-kombi said:

My entire system has been designed around the settings Custom br0 --LAN and therefore macvlan.

The issue seems to be somewhat hardware specific although specific problematic hardware has not been identified.  Some have zero issue with macvlan on br0 and others have issues while running the same version of Unraid.  The only differences appear to be hardware.


I did have macvlan call traces (started for me with Unraid 6.8.x) and I also have a Unifi LAN infrastructure.


The solution for me was to put all docker containers with custom IP addresses on a VLAN (br0.3).  Fortunately my Unifi USG and switches support that.  This was done before ipvlan was an option.  Even on ipvlan I do not have the issues others have reported with the Unifi gear getting confused with mac addresses. 


You will not be forced to switch to ipvlan if you have no problems with br0/macvlan.

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Hi, I too didn't had any issue with 6.11.5.

A few days ago I uograded to 6.12.3, since then I experience server crashes every day.

WebUI is inaccessible after few minutes following a restart.

My favorite ssh command actually is /etc/rc.d/rc.docker stop

So that I can get the webui back... and tune the configuration.

Documentation and feedback from users talks about switching from macvlan to ipvlan but so far the situation is the same for me.

Still digging a bit before switching back to 6.11.5. 🤷‍♂️

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I am a bit worried about this.  I like what macvlan gives me in the unifi controller.  I dont want to lose that.

I will be holding back on the 6.12.3, many people still reporting reboots on reddit.  

Pity - as the latest space invader vids on zfs are something I was lookng forward too.


Are there people on macvlan and 6.12 ?  is it just hardware differences causing this ? 

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