can i disable authlimit", client:, server: , request: "PROPFIND /login HTTP/1.1", host: from System Log?

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im still running 6.11.5  as it seems more stable and less warnings then  6.12x  and had issues with them  not stable enough 


but i keep getting  the authlimit", client:, server: , request: "PROPFIND /login HTTP/1.1", host:   stuff

i tried a program  someone told me a while ago to try to watch what program was accessing  the server.. and i remember it was 

svchost.exe  it had loaded like 30 copies at once hitting the server..    not sure how i fix that other then Formating windows and starting over


is there a way to disable the logger to ignore this error.. so it doesnt fill the log file of this one error  like nothing i fix in windows fixes it..  unless i have to format windows ... so wanted to edit some file that says if you see this authlimit just ignore it and dont log it


is that possible?


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I am having similar issues in my unraid logs.  When this happens, it grinds all server access speed, to a to almost useless as well.  i don't want to "HIDE" the problem, i want to understand, and fix, why (ONLY) one PC connected to my network is giving me this error, and why its pissing off my employees and making me look like a fool!  
Yes, i know i am way over my head, but this is where i learn best!

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ya  i cant get rid of this error .. i figure the only way is to format the damn computer...  i got more then 10k it looks like of the same authlimit... if i cant stop it  from coming from my desktop pc  id wanna be able to turn it off from logging it.   or least log it in something as a counter       authlimit  count:12000     say  instead of filling up the damn logger  of justr that error...   


as there is nothing i can do to find it on the desktop... i did try registery cleaners .. it seemed to worked for a whie but it came back like a bad storm bombing me with all these auth limits... be nice to trace to exactly know what is causing it....  its driving me nuts... i try nto to ever look at the sys log as i know what i going to see 😞

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It seems like no one has any answers to this, but my staff are having to work locally cuz they "cant trust the network"...and i don't blame them.  i blame me, need some experts to chime in here and help!  i have a dozen computers on a pretty basic network.  2 or 3 of these PC's are the ones showing up in the log-storm, ive run the usual deep scans, SFC's etc.  one PC is a fairly new install.  so what's bombarding the server and bringing it down? Once an expert chimes in here, i'll send them my logs.

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