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E3 Xeon cpu heatsink - oem or other


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I would like feedback from anyone running a server with a E3 xeon processor.

I am getting ready to buy a E3-1230 cpu.

I am looking for experiance with the CPU cooler.

Did you keep the stock intel cooler?  If so how did it perform?

If you bought a differnet cooler what model and brand?  How did it perfom?


Thanks for any feedback.

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...canot tell for 1155 socket type XEONs..

I had mixed results with their older 1156 siblings, but I believe the cooler mounts are the same.

Recently I replaced a boxed cooler of a L3426 XEON (45WTDP) because it was way too noisy right from the start.

I choose this as replacement: http://www.xilence.net/en/products/cpu-cooler/intel-cpu-cooler/product/224990.html,

because I love these redwings and they are all available as PWMs at a reasonable price.

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I am running an E3-1240 with the stock cooler. So far it is doing it's job just fine.

I can't tell how loud it is yet since I'm running it in a norco 4224 with 6 of the quieter factory fans. Those fans also blow on the cooler.



Honestly it looks like the same cooler that is on my I5-2500k. Again that one is doing fine on that chip nice and cool in quiet. I only have minimal overclocking on that rig.




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