System keep hanging or rebooting

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For past few days my Unraid server keeps hanging or rebooting on its own. When it hangs, I can't access it locally or over web browser and need to force shutdown. Tried recreating flash drive and copying over old config and issue persists. Already tried one run of mem test and seemed to pass. Updated BIOS to latest version as well but issue still occurring. Issue seems to have started after installing new Parity drive and swapping old parity to data drive. System seem to run fine while running mem test or with array not started but after starting array seems to freeze within 30-60 min or reboots on its own. Syslog entries don't seem to persists thorough the reboot. Attached is the diagnostics log, would appreciate any help in narrowing down cause of the problem.

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It intermittently does both, sometimes non responsive and needing a forced reboot and other times reboots on its own. Seems to happen when array is brought online. I did enable the local syslog. Running another round of memtest86+ and so far after 3 rounds no errors. I guess could be faulty CPU or Power but its odd only happens when array is online.

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I may have narrowed the issue down to Plex server official docker being the issue or possibly it combined with AMD igpu transcoding. Disabled the Plex container and server was up 12+ hours which is longer than I had managed before since start of the issue. Will see if other Plex containers are more stable or temporarily keep Plex disabled to see if system is back to full stability.

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Well it looks like Plex docker was not source of the issue. Instead of hourly freeze or reboot now it seems to last 6-8 hours and then still hangs or reboots. Getting frustrated with this issue with logs not showing any source of the problem and constant crashes causing lot of parity data issues but not able to complete parity check to repair before another crash.


Any ideas on enabling any other logging or troubleshooting. I have tried memtest and it passed, tried disabling DOCP memory profile so it lowers the RAM speed back to stock, disabled C-STATE completely in Bios but issue still persists. I even removed the new parity drive installed last week but still had same issue. 

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Did 3 more passes of Mem test and all past. Ran CPU stress test for 4 hours from ubuntu live CD with 100% CPU load and all passed.

Restarted the system after testing to Unraid in safe mode and with Docker and VMs all disabled and system hung again after short time of parity check.

Not sure what else to test hardware wise anymore. Attached is another diagnostics log in case anyone is able to identify the source of the stability.

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45 minutes ago, Teknowiz said:

Mirror option was already enabled but didn't seem to capture crash details on diagnostics log unless it gets stored somewhere else on the flash. It crashed again also after enabling remote syslog but remote log entries showed nothing out of ordinary prior to crash, just bunch of kernel messages regarding usb connect disconnect events for the mouse.




The file is in the ‘logs’ folder on the flash drive.

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Already tried running with bare minimum in safe mode with no docker or vm service enabled and still crashes. Odd thing is no crash or errors while running memtest or in ubuntu while doing CPU stress test. I would think hardware issue would cause crash in any boot environment. More logs attached from more crashes over nigh but this time there seems to be some errors that I don't recognize. I wonder if its my HBA card or a corrupted file system that could be causing the issue.




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