Boot error w Broadcom HBA 9400-16i - unable to load MPT Bios Fault 0Dh

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Unraid is running as a guest vm in Promox. I've swapped from the onboard controller to a Broadcom HBA 9400-16i, I've successfully updated the HBA firmware using Broadcoms StorCli package for Unbuntu (Proxmox), passed through the HBA directly to Unraid, blacklisting the driver in Promox, and my Unraid main array is online and healthy. But, when Unraid boots, I get the following error:


Unable to load Broadcom Inc MPT BIOS

MPT BIOS Fault 0Dh encountered at adapter PCI(01h, 00h, 00h)

Press any key to continue...

I've understood, from browsing other posts and tinkering with StorCli, that this particular controller should work fine with Unraid. For instance, when I run these commands in StorCli I get errors, that these commands don't work.

 /opt/MegaRAID/storcli/storcli64 /c0 show  bios
 /opt/MegaRAID/storcli/storcli64 /c0 set bios state=off abs=off

Also, in the MB BIOS the configuration options are not active for this controller, I can only display information, such as firmware, etc.


I have the Proxmox boot order set to USB (Unraid) first, but for some reason when I start the VM Unraid tries to boot the HBA BIOS, fails, and patiently waits for me to press any key. Any ideas on how to get Unraid to boot normally?

Many thanks

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2 hours ago, JorgeB said:

Do you see the same if booting Unraid baremetal?


Thanks, it's a good question, but I don't have an easy way to run Unraid baremetal, so do I don't know. Realizing this issue could be vm related I was considering posting this under the VM sub but decided to post where the other HBA related posts are.

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1 hour ago, JorgeB said:

Looks more virtualization related, also the BIOS is not needed for Unraid, you can just ignore or even delete it.


I'll keep looking for solutions on the virtualization part, maybe that is really where the trouble starts. It's configuring the "ignore" or "delete" part I'm hoping for. Given the information I've found so far, it doesn't appear that the HBA controller has much of a BIOS. I've found a new command in the StorCli manual that I'll try later, but otherwise I haven't yet found a way erase or disable just the BIOS on the Broadcom card; it seems for LSI the IT mode is a recurring solution.




storcli /c0 erase bootservices


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4 hours ago, JorgeB said:

See here to delete the BIOS (using the correct sasXflash for that HBA, probably sas3flash:


The management tool sas3flash is for SLI branded controller, the Broadcom hba use StorCLI, and none of the firmware releases have a non-bios version that I could use.


Unfortunately, the storcli64 /c0 erase bootserivce failed to run because: unsupported erase option. i can only conclude this is because it's an HBA without a BIOS, but why does it try to load a BIOS at boot 😣. Seems my adventure isn't ending so soon. I will try to upgrade Proxmox to the new release, something I was planning on doing only after I got the HBA working.

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