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 good morning

hi i have so many issues late  i would like to do a fresh install the docker i only use is plex and late doesnt work  

i would like to do a fresh install I run the install OS but didnt do anything how i dont want to lose my data however i want to make a new set i purchased a premium license and dont want to buy another one 


how and where do i started 

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I am assuming that you  have already purchased and have the professional  license installed on your server.  (You will find a file named   Pro.key   in the /config directory on your boot/flash drive. That file is your license!)   First thing, make a backup of your current boot drive.  


Main    >>>   Boot Device  (left click on 'Flash')    >>>  Flash Device Settings  


Find the 'FLASH BACKUP' button and click it.  That will make a backup  of your flash drive to your local computer.  (This is your safety net in case things go badly.)


Now make a print out of the MAIN tab of the GUI.  This will show the current disk assignments.   I would also make printouts of any of the SETTINGS tabs that you have changed.


Shutdown the server using the GUI. 


You can now format that flash drive and reload Unraid on it.    Copy the   Pro.key   file into the   /config   directory.  Put the flash drive in the server and boot it up.


Use the printouts to assign the drives (by serial number) to the same position.  Start the array.    (Do NOT format any disk--- even if Unraid suggests it ---as you could lose data!!!!!!)    Make changes to the SETTINGS tab as required.  


There are ways to copy over portions of the   /config  directory (to save some of this grunt work) but since you have problems with corruption in your PLEX setup, it might be best to avoid that.  (If you have a share set up for data that PLEX uses internally, you might want to address that issue.--- renaming the share would be my first choice.)

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