Returning Unraid user - Looking for Norco Replacement 20 drives with max fault tolerancem Netapp, SM?


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Hey guys,


I have not used unraid in about 5 years.  I still have my old one that was infected with ransomware actually (haha) then I moved to hosting with Hetzner and Gdrive.  Right now I have 120TB of content.  I have found some used 10, 12, 15, and 18TB drives,  So in theory, I could probably get away with less than 20 drives.

So here's what im thinking.  I need a case, and I like norcos with the SAS backplanes alot.  Ive seen people use netapp shelfs, I like this idea, but I feel like they would be power hungry and loud.   I know unraid has probably come a long way in the last 5 years.  My last build was 10 drives with 1 parity drive.  Moving forward ill be looking for maximum Fault Tolerance.  What's available now for parity and disaster recovery? 


So my requirements would be.


1.  Front load (maybe top load) drive caddys

2. Enough space for Cache with fault tolerance

3. Multiple parity drives

4.  150TB initial build


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