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Help me choose Rackmount computer case for music computer.


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I'm looking for a 3-unit rackmount computer case to house a computer that I dedicate to use in my music studio.  It will be used for running sample playback software like E-Mu Proteus X2, synth software like Native Instruments Reaktor, and recording software like Adobe Audition.  This rig will live in a rack in my home studio, it will not travel and does not need to be roadworthy.  Just rackmounted to keep it out of the way, so I don't have another computer box sitting on the floor.


Ideally, I'd like something as compact as possible, none of those 30" deep rackmount server cases!


I'd also like to spend as little as possible.


Not very much needs to go inside the computer, mainly the following spec items:


-MicroATX Biostar motherboard (model escapes me at the moment, but it's an Athlon ii quad-core system).

-Corsair 400cx PSU.

-two M-Audio Delta PCI cards (a Delta 410 and a Delta 1010LT, both of these are short).

-Athlon ii quad-core CPU with stock Heatsink/Fan (oddly quiet, this one is, not typical for OEM).

-Ordinary CD/DVD burner.

-Single hard drive.  Really no plans to stuff multiple hard drives in this thing.  This is a very special-purpose computer, massive storage is not needed.


That's it, really.


I'm looking at Newegg at the iStar D-300-PFS.  Some reviews had problems fitting a PSU, but I think the Corsair 400cx should fit no problem.  This case puts the PSU in front and has small fans in the back.


I'm also looking the ARK IPC-3U380D, but it only has one review.  It has bigger fans up front and PSU in back.  Possibly a better arrangement?  It's also nearly 5" more shallow than the iStar, possibly among the most compact 3U rackmount cases I've seen.


Looking for any buying advice or experience on these or any other possible contenders.




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