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Silly (seeming) sabnzbd issue


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So I managed to get it set up, installing the package through unmenu. Great.


Went through the setup and edited some settings in config including a watched folder for .nzbs (/Downloads/nzb). I stuck an nzb in there and I'm waiting for the web interface to pick it up, but it's not.




Edit: If I drop an nzb in the watched folder, it disappears within the 5 sec interval but nothing gets added to the queue. If I try to add it manually, nothing happens either. Something's not quite right.


Edit 2: So it seems its working "right" in that any nzbs are actually getting downloaded. It completed 6 downloads of the same file (I repeatedly clicked on) but never showed in the queue. They do however show up in the history.

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Permissions don't seem to be an issue. I've narrowed it down to being the queue part of the plush skin that's failing for some reason, much like this topic: http://forums.sabnzbd.org/viewtopic.php?t=6912 but they resolved it by rebooting. I wasn't that fortunate.


Rebooting didn't solve it - in fact, I had to re-install SABnzbd even though the package had been set to auto-re-install.


Maybe I should look into figuring out how I can "start from scratch" on this SABnzbd adventure without starting with a fresh install of unraid.


Edit: Another thread... same issue which is now resolved but doesn't know what was done to fix it: http://forums.sabnzbd.org/viewtopic.php?t=8714


Edit 2: Updated to 0.6.9 with no improvement.


Edit 3: SABnzbd forums claim this appears to be a problem with the python install. I've just been using the provided packages so I'm not sure how to test or remedy it, if the theory's correct.

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