Installed new fiber card & now networking is down

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Hey everyone,


I installed a Mellanox ConnectX-3 Pro Dual Port 10Gb SFP + card into my unraid server and now networking has disappeared. the IP was and it still shows thats what the IP is, but i cant ping it, nor can i ping out from the server.


I remember having this issue with another unraid server, and my solution at the time was to remove the fiber card and stick to 1gb ethernet. 


How can I make this work with the fiber card?

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Diagnostics attached. 


Other details that might help: When I ifconfig i get the proper IP address in eth0 along with the proper subnet mask and gateway. When I ping myself I get a reply, but if I ping anywhere on the internet it times out.


Think that when I pinged my router at I got a reply, if im remembering correctly. I can go back into the server room later today to confirm this.

thank you for your help!

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Have a look at the ethtool.txt file in the system directory of the Diagnostics file.  eth0 through eth3 are 1Gb NIC's and eth4 and eth5 are 10Gb NIC's.  Only the eth0 one has an active link.  (But still you should still have a active LAN connection...)  The IP address is for eth0 as you indicated. 


You say you are ping'ing various places BUT you don't say from what devices!  Please run ping tests from your PC and from the Unraid server.  And tell us the results from both places. 



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Sorry for not giving more details.


Here are the current settings when i ifconfig:
subnet mask:

broadcast 0:0:0:0
dns: and

and eth0 shows:

eth0 UP, broadcast,running, multicast
but has no IP information

Pinging from my laptop to times out
pinging from unraid to times out

pinging from unraid to or any other LAN IP times out
pinging from itself pings back fine




when I play with the network settings this is what i find...........


when I enable another network card I am able to ping it but i still dont get internet

when I change the static IP address to automatic on eth0 i get a 169. address


when i change the IP settings of eth0 to automatic I get  192.168.1.x IP but I still cant ping out



I really dont understand. Everything was working perfectly fine up until I installed the fiber card.


I checked on my notes from 6 months ago on a different unraid server; I installed a fiber card into it and the networking stopped working. even after playing with it for several hours I was still unable to ping anything or get any internet, so I ended up taking out the fiber card, unfortunately. This was on a completely different server with all totally different hardware including a different fiber card.


Is there some bug that occurs when installing a fiber card? It just odd that I get the exact same 2 results from installing a fiber card.


Thank you for any and all help everyone is providing :)

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8 hours ago, JorgeB said:

This doesn't look right, they should be on the same subnet, suggest deleting/renaming /boot/config/network.cfg and reboot, that will reset the LAN settings to default DHCP, then post new diags.

I will try this and report back

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in an attempt to keep things simple, I have removed the fiber card. I really just need my old IP settings back. The IP was originally set to one of my dockers wont seam to run without eth0 being that IP

When I try to set eth0 to it says eth0 disconnected, check cable. 


Currently it is auto connected DHCP to


Diags attached

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