Not able to display pictures correctly

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I have noticed that I cannot display most of the images on my Unraid shares correctly.


When accessing the share via network connection on my MacBook, the images are displayed correctly in the preview (screenshot 1). However, when I double-click on the image to view it large, the images are only partially displayed (screenshot 2) or corrupted (screenshot 3).


However, the files are fine, because when I copy them from the server to the Mac, they are displayed correctly again.

Does anyone have an idea why this is happening and what I can do about it?


I'm currently on Version 6.12.4 but had the same issue on 6.9.2 which I used before.

Screenshot 1.png

Screenshot 2.png

Screenshot 3.png

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I'm running unRAID 6.10.3 and Mac OS 10.12.6, 2011 iMac and have no problem with viewing jpgs on my Mac or on My iPad Mini, IOS 16.

I did recently make the SMB mods on both the Mac and unRaid so I'm not sure if that helps or not.

I know it helps with file transfers and just viewing the share contents in finder as a list big time..

You may want to check that out here.

Until recently I was running unRAID 6.9.2 and I don't remember having issues with that either.

I don't have my Newer Mac running OS 13 (Ventura) up at the moment so I can't check that.

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