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Server 2008 only 13 drives?


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I have 3x Icyboxes in a coolermaster case, each Icybox holding 5x 1TB drives, making for a total of 15TB. These 3 Icyboxes are hooked up to 2x AOC-SASLP-MV8 SAS Cpntroller cards from Supermicro, each card accomodating 8 SAS/SATA channels.


When the system boots up it walks through all the drives, their HD LED s blink in sequence, one after the other. 1st there are short fast blinks across all the drive bays, then the ligts turn on for a few seconds for each drive in the same sequence and then the  server logon shows up on screen.


During this boot up sequence, I ve noticed that 3 drive bays never show this longer light up of their HD LED s as the other 12 bays do. When the system logs on and I check drive configuration in admintools I can only see the SSD system drive which is hooked up direcrly to the motherboard SATA ports and 13 of the inserted 1TB drives from the Icyboxes. Yes, there are 13 drives present despite only 12 showing proper initilization light activity during boot up.


I have moved the drives in the bays around and all drives and bays work as they should when there are only 13 drives present. If I put in another 2 drives, 2 of the former 13 present drives gets kicked out/replaced and show the 2 newly inserted drives instead.


Controller cards have latest bios from Supermicro.


Does anyone have the faintest clue to whats going on in my system I would be eternaly greatful.

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I have not seen this before. Might be a long shot but try disabling the INT13 feature in each card's BIOS.





How do I even access the AOC-SASLP-MV8 BIOS? I flashed both of my AOC-SASLP-MV8 with the latest BIOS I could locate on the Supermicro FTP site using a USB stick I set up as a DOS boot device.


During server POST I cant locate any on-screen prompts for the controller cards, ie press button X for controller BIOS setup etc. It goes stright to Server 2008 boot screen from initial POST.


Thanks for trying to help out.

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it almost sounds like you have 3 loose sata cables.. or insufficient power...


Windows NT (3.50-win8+) can support several thousand drives/partitions. You run out of drive letters at 26. But, you have other mounting options.


I have had server 2003 boxes with over 32 drives in them that were NOT in raid arrays.


I will say 15 individual drives without some sort of redundancy or backup is a scary thought.

you will have drives die over time. In the above example, a lot of drives did die, but were all backed up.

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it almost sounds like you have 3 loose sata cables..


As I said, I ve been shifting drives around and all bays work at one time or another. Also, I ve been in there fiddling around with cables and stuff and nothing is loose.


or insufficient power...


The system is powered by a Corsair CMPSU-850TX 80+ certified.


Motherboard is a Supermicro X8SIL-F with 4GB ECC memory and a Xeon X3440 at 2.56GHz

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