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Sickbeard type app for downloading ebooks?


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Anyone heard of such a beast or interested in building it?  It would be pretty cool to see an app that would let you assemble a bit of a book shelf and download books are they are released or grab project gutenburg books if the book is available there.  Then after the file is downloaded have it automatically processed in a manner that would allow you to load it onto different device types.  If someone makes something of the sort I would gladly buy them an entire box of Cinnabons!

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Calibre does some of what you've described although I far as I'm aware it doesn't automatically download books. Ebooks are so small that they are often posted as collections comprised of many books as opposed to movies or tv shows which are posted individually. I would think that would make writing a program to download them separately quite challenging.

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although there is LazyLibrarian for books.. and Headphones for music


they are both mostly not working.. I would not even consider it alpha releases

absolutely zero info on what files are supported and how it should be organised

nice effort by the devs, but the only thing that does work is the error logfiles

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