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New Build Intro + NooB questions??


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Hello Forum,


First off, I want to thank LimeTech Customer service +1!!  Thanks, the Pro license will come in handy.. ;)


Here is my build, I wont waste time posting the specs here as they are on my page with photos:



Shares: ???


Currently I have 4 drives in my array; three 1.5TB WD C. Greens and a 2TB parity..  Most files that will be added are HiDef BluRay rips, Music and Pictures.  The majority of the space will be used by movie files. 


If I just set up one media share that attaches all drives carrying movie files with High-Water allocation, which split level should I use?  Does it matter that unRAID determines where movies files go?  Honestly, I could care less which drive any files are placed as long as the parity drive keeps them safe, but lot's of pro's have personal preferences based on the type file and how they intend to use there server...but why?


If I want to use my unRAID rig to serve files to friends remotely, what is the best unRAID compatible software to use? 


Lastly.. Could any of you point me to a link that describes the best ways to improve my network performance using both 10/100 and 10/100/1000 hardware.  Currently, I have the 10/100 Verizon fios router so i can only get Gig speeds to one area of the house, of course i chose the HTPC media area.  But... I also have a WD TV LiveHUB in the bedroom and the kids have the WD Live Plus.  Streaming files 30GB and above in size wont be a problem at the HTPC + unRAID station with a Gig switch between them, but the other two will only be pulling 11-11.5MB/s max which will fail to pipe out enough bandwidth for my larger files using traditional streaming.  Is anyone using TVersity successfully with unRAID or is there any other software out there that can deliver the larger files to my other stations seamlessly?


I had lots of questions during my build process that I posted in this forum and the responses where invaluable!!  Thanks again unRAID forum..  I am certainly indebted!!



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