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Strange issues after power outage

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Last night I had a brief power outage and since things have come back up my Unraid Server has a few strange issues.  As soon as it started up it initiated a Parity Check which is still running (about 11 hours to go) but has yet to find any errors.  Below are the things that seem to be off that were fine before the outage:


1) Plex cannot connect to my server.  I am running the LinuxIO in docker and I can get into plex via my server's IPaddress:32400, but all of my media says Unquthorized and my LiveTV says Unable to connect to Server.

2) If I look in the Docker tab of my server every container says that the version is not available

3) On the Apps tab it says Download of appfeed failed.  Community Applicaitons require your server to have internet access...


I'm planning on letting the Parity Check finish to see if things start working after that however I don't believe that the check running would cause these issues.  I can access all of my media and data via my Windows share without issue.  The problems seem to be more related to docker (plex) and apps (CA).  Thanks for any help.

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Thought I would come back and give an update in case anybody else has a similar issue.


The parity check completed without any errors.  I still had all the same above issues so I stopped the array and then rebooted the server via the web gui.  Once it came back up all the issues seemed to be fixed.  

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