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OSX Network Boot (NFS and tFTP required?)


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Hi All


I have an old intel iMac that's lost it's screen, DVD drive and now hard drive.


I'm thinking it would be a great Plex machine being low power without any drives or display!


I can boot it from an external USB HD but in the interests of power saving, am thinking about network booting from an image on mu unRAID box.


I've come across instructions which indicate that I require an NFS server and a tFTP server (http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?story=20090317042911165).


My question is, will unRAID with built-in NFS and any FTP server do the trick or do people have an alternate way of doing this?


(apologies if this has been asked before but a forum search on 'boot' obviously returns a lot of threads!)




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IMO It would be more efficient to run it off a cheap 2.5" drive.





I agree. You'd be better off just installing OS X to a firewire drive(use firewire over USB because firewire is full duplex, and especially if you have firewire 800 on your iMac) and then booting from that external drive. You can even set the boot disk to be the firewire drive in the system preferences.

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