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That old ESXi inside UNRAID chestnut again...

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Can anyone recall what is needed to be able to use passthrough devices, GPUs etc directly attached to a guest VM hypervisor such as vmware ESXi 8 running as a guest in UNRAID?


I have created the VM, installed ESXi and managed to power on a nested VM. However, my Radeon GPU is greyed out and not available for passthrough. I know this is a niche set up but I thought it might be possible since you can nest esxi inside esxi and pass through IOMMU and vt-d for such a set up. 


The screenshot below is how ESXi sees the UNRAID IOMMU grouping at the 'guest' level. The AMDGPU is greyed out as you can see. I have added the following my ESXi VM xml. 


    <hyperv>       <relaxed state='on'/>       <vapic state='on'/>       <spinlocks state='on' retries='8191'/>       <vendor_id state='on' value='123456789ab'/>     </hyperv>


What else have I missed?



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