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I would like an option to keep me logged in to the unraid server.


Optional choice of never, 1 hour, 6, 12, etc.


I am not paranoid that my home server is going be 'hacked'; as if they would even get through my router in the first place.


And this would make my life so much easier. 


Thank you.

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1 hour ago, sunwind said:

I would like an option to keep me logged in to the unraid server.

If by "keep me me logged in to the unraid server" you mean the GUI, the always stay logged in to the GUI option exists just by leaving the GUI open in a browser tab when you close the browser and shut off the PC.  If you have set your browser to open previous windows and tabs it opens up the logged in Unraid GUI again.


I have been logged into one of my Unraid servers for months this way.

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22 hours ago, sunwind said:

I open and close my browser hundreds of times per day

As do I. And when I reopen it, it comes up with a logged in GUI tab (Pick up where I left off in Chrome or Open previous windows and tabs in Firefox).


22 hours ago, sunwind said:

What is with people against others having OPTIONS?

Did I say that?  What is with people assuming things that are not said or even implied? 😀

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