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1st time setup/startup

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I am setting up my 1st server for unraid.  I have the hardware built and have gone thru setting up the unraid usb drive.  I have setup the bios, and this is where I am running into some issues & I have questions. 

1st my reading of setting up unraid is if I want windows it will be thru a VM (I've never setup a VM before)  so I'm assuming that windows is installed on top of Unraid, is this correct? 

I've already tried running Unraid thru USB drive, this only gets new to a windows type of command prompt (no GUI), I was able to get past username and password prompt but do not know what to do next.  I have looked for a manual on line but the only reference to one is back in 2015 with a broken link.  If there is a manual for the current version I'd be glad to read it.  

Thanks for any help

Tim N

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The current documentation is linked at top and bottom of the forum, and the 'manual ' link in the lower right corner of your Unraid webUI. 


One of the choices in the  boot menu is GUI mode which boots to the webUI instead of command line. 


You can also access the webUI from the browser on another computer 


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Thanks for the response.  I was able to get to unraid gui thru another computer, I originally had a bad ethernet cable. 


Documentation buttons on the main unraid web page are not very good kind-of like bud light.  The documentation I got from unraid gui is much much better, I'll be reading thru them. 


Thanks again

Tim N

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