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Implementing Crew AI for Unraid?

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I recently discovered Crew AI, described as "Cutting-edge framework for orchestrating role-playing, autonomous AI agents. By fostering collaborative intelligence, CrewAI empowers agents to work together seamlessly, tackling complex tasks." I was wondering if anyone had any idea how to implement it into Unraid in either a docker container or VM and interface with it using a terminal? 


This is the github page for it, but I couldn't find anything on how to get it setup on a server.



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CrewAI is a python script that automates langchain. I run it inside of Visual Studio Code on my PC, but if you wanted to run it on Unraid you would either use a Linux VM or Linux Docker or even Code-Server which is a dockerized version of Visual Studio Code. I strongly recommend the VS code version as you will be tweaking it a lot to get it going. You'll need to define the agents and their skills, you'll need to define the tasks, any tools they will use, it is far from easy to use. I'm fighting it now to be able to output code to a file...

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