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Newb question on hard drives and PSU


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Hi folks.  Afraid I'm looking for a bit of spoonie help here.


I've started putting my first unraid server together primarily for use in as a domestic media server/backup system for an OS X based home.  I've upgraded the PSU that came with my case to a Corsair CX500 (as recommended by helpful people on this forum) I want to eventually run 12 2tb SATA drives in this machine, and the PSU only has 5 SATA connectors.  I've found some 1 male to 3 female connectors, and just wanted to check I can use a few of these to power all the drives.  As my limited understanding gathers, I have 500 watts to play with, and the 12 drives will consume a maximum of 36 watts each, with the mobo/processor sucking up another 60 watts.  Do I need to also add in power requirements for the 8 port sata card (AOC-SASLP-MV8), or the case fans, or am I good to go? at 492 Watts with the drives and Mobo, I'm just concerned I burn out the PSU if I haven't factored in everything else - I can always use green drives instead, though I doubt if they can handle streaming three HD movies to different machines at once.


Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

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Just an FYI, but green drives will be something like 9W each when working and maybe up to 24W when spinning-up the platter.


The only time you will see all the disks spin-up at once is during the initial power-on. A good power supply should be able to withstand it's rated power or even an overload for the short time during this spin-up.


I read here once that someone was running something like 15 or 16 drives off a Corsair 400W supply.


You'll be OK.




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