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Same message, "Docker Service failed to start"

"delete and recreate" did not work for me.


Here is what I tried before finding this post and trying "delete and recreate"


LincStation N1 UnRAID OS Basic -- "Docker system failed to start"
UnRAID OS Basic Version 6.12.6 2023-12-01
Kernel: Linux 6.1.64-Unraid x86_64

Under the "Apps" tab
"Docker system failed to start - Only Plugins Available To Be Installed Or Managed"
("Array Started" at bottom of screen)

Under the "Docker" tab
msg: "Docker Service failed to start."

Under the "Settings" tab "Docker' icon
"Status: Stopped"
"Docker vDisk location:            /mnt/user/docker/docker.img    ! Path does not exist"

"Default appdata storage location: /mnt/user/appdata              ! Path does not exist"

Using "Terminal" command line I:
cd /
(normal Linux directories)
cd mnt
("user/" and "user0/"
cd user

no files or directories (or all the files or directories were hidden).
As "root" I attempted to mkdir appdata and was unsucessful.
As "root" I typed "path" response: "bash: path command not found"


root@Tower:/mnt/user# docker --version
Docker version 20.10.24, build 297e128

I consulted the manual (RTFM) and watched several YouTube videos.

In the manual I found:
"Re-Installing Applications
If you ever need to re-install any plugins or docker container
then this can be easily achieved via Community applications.

A common reason for wanting to re-install applications is the case
where the docker.img file has been corrupted for some reason.
In such a case the docker containers can be re-installed
with all their settings intact in just a few minutes.
CA stores an XML template for each application that it installs
at /boot/config/plugins/dockerMan/templates-user
If you go to the Apps tab in the Unraid GUI then there is
a Previous Apps section and this can be used to reinstall applications
using their saved settings. These are retrieved automatically
from the saved XML templates so it is a relatively painless process."


Docker was not a previously installed app so I guess the above refers to Docker containers

and not the docker app itself (except for the reference to docker.img).



Under 'VMS" tab

"Libvirt Service failed to start"

("Array Started" at bottom of screen)tower-diagnostics-20240118-1421.zip

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