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Using mixed AFP and SMB shares?


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Hi folks,


So I have been avoiding implementing AFP for a while, but I decided I wanted to start using TimeMachine for my mostly Mac environment, so I ended up creating an AFP TM share and switched a few of my media shares from SMB to AFP.  Besides the folder dates on everything changing to yesterday, it seems to have worked fine.


I maintain a few "hidden" SMB shares, as that is my preference over password protecting them.  However, now that I am using AFP shares, I can no longer delete files to these SMB shares.  For example, I used to log in as guest to the hidden SMB shares no problem, with full read/write access.  Now Finder asks me to input my Mac password, followed by a write failure.  Is this because I'm mixing connected AFP and SMB shares?  Do I pretty much need to either fully adopt AFP or stick with SMB?  I don't know why this is feeling more difficult than it needs to be.


Thanks in advance for any advice.

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Eh, it looks like mixing is just not feasible.  I think AFP may have even changed my file permissions (re-running the permissions script to correct).  I decided to not export any AFP shares for now, unless som!eone has a nice workable solution.



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