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Boot Openelec XBMC from Unraid server


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Hello All,


Is there any chance that I no longer put a hard disk or flash inside my media extender (a pc with capability to boot off a network)?  As of the moment, I have openelec installed onto a hard drive.  I'm not sure if I can just boot off Unraid, with an image of openelec?


Thanks in advance.

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to be perfectly frank, I do not know how to do it with openlec. My addition to the conversation was about network boot strapping with PXE boot.


Usually with PXE boot, you download some form of small image which then fires up a small OS, which can then do other things.


PXE allows you to boot floppy or similiar images over the network into ram.

So if the openlec distro could be put on some small image like unRAID is, it can be booted over the net with PXE if you install a dhcpd server somewhere capable of doing the whole bootp/pxe boot.


For example. A number of years ago, I took all my emergency boot floppies, put them on a tftp server and setup PXE boot with a dhcpd server. Then I was able to remove all the floppies (except one that I use to make the images from).


I also have an emergency unRAID distro on the dhcpd server and when needed, I can boot over the network.


it requires some slackware packages for tftp and dhcpd. I do not know if there are unmenu packages for them, but I'm sure it could be made.




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