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The impending hard drive shortage -- and possible price hikes

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The HITACHI Deskstar 5K3000 HDS5C3030ALA630 went up $50 since this morning on NewEgg!!  $70 since Monday...:'( :'(




they were $109 all weekend last week. I had 5 in my card but i forgot to hit "buy".

I starting to run into my yellow zone.

That is where I am at about 75% of my total capacity used.

At 75% i consider myself in danger of running low space before the next big sale if i average a sale once every 30 days.


Had i known... I would have stocked up. maybe even invested in drives for ebaying.. (at a low price of course)




Hrmm.. not only has newegg jacked the price WAY up on all drives.

I looked in my my sale emails for the last few days,  newegg lists all mechanical sale drives as sold out and micro center all turn up "item not found" when you click the links.. ..

SSD'd might now end up cheaper per gig then a mechanical soon.



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Tiger Direct still have 3tb Hitachis for $139 + shipping... cheapest I've found so far.




Glad I'm not in need at the moment... :-\ :-\


I bought 3x 3TB retail Hitachi right after my last post for $129 +free shipping off amazon. the last 3 they had at that price.


$20 more then newegg had them for last week. I'll pay the few extra $$ to make sure i have a few in case of need...

I think I have an addiction...

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Yup.  I see all of the 2TB drives have gone up by nearly 50% here  (~£55 to ~£78),  The 3TB drives only went up by about 15-20% however (~£120 to ~£145).

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Guess there goes my plans of stocking up on drives on Black Friday. Don't need drives currently (got 4 2TB unused) but thought I might pick up a couple 3TB if they were cheaper than the $109 sales.


Guess I'll wait and see.

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Hey let us pick the poorest country to build a slave like workshop to make hard drives for the world. Who cares if the building is sub-standard and people only get paid $5/hour or less. Hard drive technology has been around for many years now. They aren't inventing anything new at all, just making them better. I would guess HD manufactures get back %100 on their HD sales.


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I'm deleting stuff and selling hard drives!  ;D

They are worth more if you leave the p0rn on them...


I decided to order a bunch more 3Tb drives from micro center since they were still on sale.

I'm just going to leave them in the package on a shelf for 30days and see what happens.

Figure I have a 30day price protection.

Also, If the prices don't skyrocket, I also have their awesome 30day no questions asked return policy.


this is the age of the SSD anyways... the 1TB SSD is now a reality.

now we need more companies making the memory chips for them so they can go down in price.

It wont be long until we have a 24+TB SSD server for a low price.


who was it that predicted by 2016 everyone will have a TB on their phone and petabyte NAS's in the home?

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Last I checked, CDW's prices don't seem to have changed, at least not on their Seagate GoFlex External drives which we've been buying at work.  Perhaps their internals have, but I hadn't really priced those lately.


Speaking of which, the Seagate GoFlex 3TB is $10 cheaper than the 2TB model (same model number other than the capacity) at CDW right now.

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The new mac mini is selling like hotcakes. thats mechanical.

I have not looked at the latest pro or macbook pro. Last I checked those were spinners too.


I was just reading apples comment on the situation and that they thought it was going to hurt them.

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Guess the two 1.5 TB drives I have sitting on my desk might have to be put in service until prices come back down. I have no need to hit the panic button yet. I still have about 3.5 TB free in the array.



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Oh dear, I better order some drives. I'll need more 3TB drives before early 2012.


edit: Ordered 2 more 3TB drives for AU$191.00 each. Most of the stores I usually order from have already moved their prices up.

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I ordered 5x 3Tb drives for work just before the prices shot up. Paid just shy of $900NZD for them, now the price is around $1200. It's set to rise even more.

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