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HP DC7600 Convertable Minitower


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I have managed to get my hands on two HP DC7600 Convertable Mini towers from work. I think both these boxes will be perfect for the storage server(s) i wish to build.


The motherboards have 4 SATA connections but the machine can take 6 drives.


What would be best here.


A) Port multiplier


B) 8 Port SATA RAID card?


Thanks in advance

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umm, you don't want a "raid card" or to use "raid" with unRAID.


if you are planning to put unRAID on these boxes, you would just use the standard 4 sata ports or an HBA card. I would first boot up the free unRAId on this box with a single drive and verify the hardware even works with unraid.


If you are trying to build an actual "raided NAS", you might looking to another OS, windows for example.

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err.. thats a port multiplier. you would need a sata controller that supports a port multiplier. I would stay away from those if you can.


this plus the 4 onboard ports would get you to 6 drives assuming you have a PCIe slot on that PC..


Again, I would make sure the hardware is compatible with unRAID before spending any money.


Also, just because you CAN shove 6 drives into a PC, does not mean you should.

hard drives need to be kept at a nice cool temperature to work. usually below 40c. closer to 30ish-c is better.

Hard drives also generate a lot of heat. shoving a lot of hard drives into a tight space without proper cooling will result in disaster.

usually OEM equipment is not well suited as-is for such projects without possibly minor modding.


you have not made it exactly clear what you goal is.

what is you want to do and build besides a "storage server from free parts"


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Thanks for the reply.


Ok just so i am looking at the right thing from the UK , is this the correct thing




Now for what i am looking to do.


I have one free PCI-E port in my machine. I am looking to create a massive amount of storage mainly for the following.




Movies with a mix of MKV , AVI and VOB files


Music , all MP3


VMWare. I have a VMWare ESX 4.1 server and i would be looking to move my guests datastore off the local ESX server and on to the unRaid server.


Now i have two DC7600 servers the same and i am following the post about joining two servers together. Now my HP DC7600 will house 6 drives so was looking to add 6 drives to the server and then if needs be sorting out the cooling


Thanks in advance for your advice and help.

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