Asrock N100DC - Test/Messungen - Dicussion

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8 hours ago, alturismo said:

@MPC561 bitte auch die Forumsregeln im Auge behalten, Beleidigungen sind weder gewünscht noch toleriert, Danke Dir.


@vmasip also please, if you want to commit something, please be detailed and respect if somebody is not willing to help you, enforcing answers by pointing to all kinda study wont make it better, so rather keep it detailed and if somebody already pointed out he is not interested in your comments, please respect it, thanks.


as we agreed, im not posting anything about this anymore in that thread, but regarding your statements, yes and no, you didnt read the whole thread (or may didnt wanted to reread it, all good) but you made a assumption which was not correct, i made myself clear that im not interested in all of this cases.


also please, just keep as we committed, you have your point of view, i have mine, and we are done.


thanks to all to keep it friendly now and to repect others opinions.


Of course I respect opinions. And I respect someone is not interested. I respect silence. I respect opinions so much, that I've kept the good manners spite of that flagrant violation of common sense and socially acceptable human conduct. So you are welcome.


I just pointed out the misconceptions about me you've used ( I said "you" but it's been 95% @MPC561 ) with bad manners when I was trying to help. Defend myself against bad words about me like "headline readers", that I don't read or don't pay attention,  or,  insults directly calling out word like stupid, imply more than once that I am problematic, or not skilled enough to copy paste (against detail oriented engineers).  I am f**** defending myself all the time. I hope moderators are reading this,because it's completely exhausting.


But above all I've been replying because @MPC561 has liked a lot putting words in my mouth which I haven't said, or conclusions I haven't bring out:

  • "Think about or google it" -> I had already done (Can be checked)
  • Bring out twice, even after clarification that I am confusing my motherboard. -> I am not.
  • I didn't fingerpoint anything (maybe you translated wrong) ->that word has a bad underlying meaning and I just tried to help.
  • Say that I hadn't read all the thread ->  I did. Moderators, should I memorize or should  you instead recognizing past complementary info should be quoted?
  • I say that setpci doesn't work in most cases. Or I don't believe it ->  I just really believe it, just that the bad case, is a possibility. Like I proved.
  • He has tried to make the forum believes that I try to steal the authority of the reddit commad -> I just pointed this out,  to defend myself that I am not that kind of person.

I hate when people moves my words, or move the object of debate continuously.  And, I am really glad that has been stopped with his self-silence.  It's s not acknowledgement, and is painful with sentences like this.

9 hours ago, alturismo said:

thanks to all to keep it friendly now and to repect others opinions.

(.. because all, all,....... all? I would say that violate norms as you say with insults is not friendly)


But at least, I have to stop to defend myself which is a good point,  a relief, and easier to keep on using good manners.


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