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Advice/help required for noob for comic/ebook readers with Unraid and Android


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Hi all,


I forget which version of Unraid I'm running (as I'm at work) but I've hit an annoying stumbling block and hoping someone can help.  My Unraid implementation, so far, has been flawless and I like it muchly, however, I've not long got my hands on a Asus Transformer tablet (Android OS).


I've got all of my media files on the Unraid server and my XBMC installation plays films and photo's without a prob.


However, I cannot seem to be able to "read" the comics or books I have on the NAS on the Transformer.  To clarify that, using an app like ES File Explorer I can see my Unraid server and navigate it's folders and so on.  If I click on a Comic on there I cannot open it and read it from the NAS.  Sure, I can copy the comic (the same is true for ebooks) to my SD card on the Transformer and read them locally but this seems to be spectacularly missing the point in having the NAS.  :)


I'd like to "stream" them from the NAS to the Transformer.  Anyone else come up against this?  I've tried a load of apps from the Market and my Google Fu doesn't appear to offer any solutions.  Unraid plugin I've not spotted?


Any help would be appreciated.  :)

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