A DISK IN MY ARRAY SAYS, "Unmountable: Unsupported or no file system"

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Morning all,


Yesterday I added a disk to my array, it cleared it down and added it fine, set to zfs and formatted

I then proceeded to let mover do its thing and move the files on my cache drive, all looked good, but saw the disk was still showing as 0 in size and used.
Maybe I did a stupid thing next, but I restarted it, just in case, now it shows 

Unmountable: Unsupported or no file system

just sorting the logs now


Many thanks

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Many thanks

logs attatched, i did remove some lines, with some file names, also truncated these, there where maybe 100's of these, trying to move from my datacache pool

worf-diagnostics-20240303-0843\logs\syslog-previous.txt:1104:error: move, 380: No such file or directory (2): lstat: /mnt/datacache/data/usenet/complete/...
worf-diagnostics-20240303-0843\logs\syslog-previous.txt:1105:error: move, 380: No such file or directory (2): lstat: /mnt/datacache/data/usenet/incomplete/...
worf-diagnostics-20240303-0843\logs\syslog-previous.txt:1106:error: move, 380: No such file or directory (2): lstat: /mnt/datacache/data/usenet/incomplete.....





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Disk8 is currently showing as xfs, if there's data there, stop the array, click on disk8, change filesystem to xfs and start the array, it should mount, if there's no data there and you want to use zfs just format it.

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