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New Setup - Sabnzbd and SMB issues


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I'm having problems with Sabnzbd crashing it seems when extracting a downloaded file. I also can't load //Tower when this happens and SMB shares cannot be accessed. I fix this by rebooting the array and everything works again until I try download something.


Just a little background this has been my first UNRaid build so to make things a little easier I bought the HP Proliant N36L. I've upgraded the ram to 4gb and I have 2 Western Digital EARX 2tb drives and the 250gb that came with the N36L.


I'm not familiar with using terminal or command prompt but I have been able to get the array all up and running. I have installed unmenu and used it to install Sabnzbd, the version is installed was 0.6.7 even though there is a newer version available.


Do I need a cache drive to run Sabnzbd ? and also would updating Sabnzbd to the newer version help ( which I need some help with :) )



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These are the symptoms I've had when running out of memory. Since you have 4GB that is very unlikely to be the problem. Does this occur with different downloads? I've run SABnzbd on the cache drive and a data drive, both work fine. I would run a memory test first overnight, then try swapping versions of SABnzbd and its helper programs. If you only have problems with extracting the problem should be in the rarfile.py and I don't think that changes much.

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I too thought is was a memory issue after googling into the earlier hours of this morning but I did leave the memtest run the first day of setting up the array it done 3 passes without any problems. Ive tried with a a small download 1.2gb and also with a larger 12gb both give same end result.


What the best way to remove Sabnzbd and dependancies and then to install the most up to date version. I'm still learning working from terminal.


Thanks again ohlwller for the suggestion






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