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stock cooler or?


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Assuming you ventilate your case properly the stock cooler will be more than adequate to keep your CPU at a comfortable temperature. You aren't going to be overclocking or running the CPU at 100% for hours at a time. Most of the time the CPU will be virtually idle. The stock Intel cooler is already fairly quiet at stock speeds so the only reason I can see to use a different cooling solution is if you want a completely silent setup or you are planning to overclock.


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Stock cooler should be fine, if it's not, then there is something else wrong, like not enough ventilation out of the case or out of the closet. unRAID does not use allot of CPU unless you put on some kind of transcoding tools.


It's stuffing it in the closet during the summer time that you should to be concerned about.

The heat needs somewhere to go.


My unraid server with 20 drives puts out a fair amount of heat out the back.

In fact it's enough to "warm" my computer room in the winter. I.E. I do not put the heat on in that room.

I do have 2 other computers going, but unRAID has the most drives.

The point is that the heat may eventually build up in a small area.


Just be aware of it and check it.


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My second ESXi box is a Q9950 in nexus prominent 9 case with one of the newer stock coolers (similar the the I3 cooler). That is a lot warmer CPU then the I3.


There is plenty of airflow though my case while staying close to silent. It stays plenty cool ever under load. I have supermicro 5in3's in it with the stock fans running at about 1/3 speed.

the prom 9 has back 140mm and top 120mm fans (well space for 2 tops, i moved the 1 spare drive fan to the top) to help suck out what the 5in3's suck in to keep the insides cool. Also, the foam padding sucks up the rest of the noise.


The only real noise are the drives themselves. A case full of F4's in raid6 at speed is not so quiet.


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