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Xeon E3-1220L 20W - found some; worth it?


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Would $199.99 be a good price to pay for one of these?  It is a clocked down and smaller cache version of the E3-1220.


2.2GHz vs 3.1GHz

3MB cache vs 8MB cache

20W vs 80W Max TDP


The E3-1220 is $209.99 at newegg.



EDIT:  Oops, I missed that the 1220L version is dual-core w/ hyperthreading while the 1220 is quad core without hyperthreading.  Hmm, not sure if it is worth $200 to me for dual core.

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the E3-1220L does support VT-d.. and have hyperthreading...


It looks like it is a low end I3 with the video swapped for VT...


if you wanted a esxi box with only a few guests on it. it would probably do the  job.


it would run unraid quite well and keep your electricity use low while supporting ECC ram.

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and the E3-1230 gets you 4 cores + 4 hypertreads. -<(really big tires)

OooOO the decisions.  ;D

I personaly went with the E3-1230 at $240 at newegg.

I want to load up an ESXI server.

I looked at the 1220L but could not find them for a low price at the time.

For $30for the hyperthreading i thought that was a good place to stop.

Can step yourself up to a bunch of $$$ if you are not careful.

Righ now not running ESXI my cpu mostly idles.

Running crashplan as a target for 4 computers the most I see is 4% blips on one core in top.

Doing parity check right now with 7 drives + parity dont see anything but 0% in top.

I suspect the 1220L would be more than enough firepowef for an unraid server and some add ins.

Here is link with the 3 compared 1220, 1220L and the 1230


Oddly the TCASE for the 1220 and 1230 are 69.1°C but the 1220L is 77.5°C

Curious where you found the 1220L at.  They seem hard to find.




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