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jbod + parity is awesome. how come no one has made a program for windows?


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they actually have do have something for windows ...

it's called flexraid forum.flexraid.com BUT it (at least to me) is very hard to understand and when i did get it working i lost data in a big way through no fault of my own and the program does not have real-time parity....


the ease of use and development of unRAID is light-years ahead and is MUCH more stable..


just my limited opinion... ::)



hmm.. just checked it seems that they have released real-time RAID but i am still sure i would not use it...


here is an interesting table for the question..


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Besides Flexraid, there is also StableBit Drive Pool and Drive Bender.


StableBit Drive Pool and Drive Bender are more of an automated Mirroring solution.. so they are not as efficient as unraid as far as drive space usage.


I believe Flexraid 2x now has live software raid4 like unRAID. The lack of support is sort of scarey if you do have a problem though.

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